The Legend of Tarzan, A Robot

Soon there will be a time when farmers will be glued to their laptops, scanning a stream of images of crops to measure their growth and test leaf wilting. They won’t be required to go to the field and toil hard under the sun, because a hanging robotic hero will do all the donkey work.

Talented minds at Georgia Tech have developed a robot, which will swing over a four-acre soybean field and help researchers monitor crops.

The prototype robot, called Tarzan, will hang over the crops, suspended by parallel guy-wires. It will be fitted with cameras that will keep on taking pictures of each plant while Tarzan swings like gibbons along the cables.

Tarzan, which is expected to be released in three years, will gather information about the plants and send it to the farmer.

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Foxconn To Replace Human Workers With Robots In Chinese Factories

Taiwanese manufacturing giant Foxconn has announced a three-phase plan to eventually replace every human worker in its Chinese factories with robots, known as Foxbots. The company behind Apple’s iPhone and various other popular electronics devices says that the first phase of the plan is “to set up individual automated work stations for work that workers […]

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