How To Set Up Keyword Shortcuts Using Auto Text Expander For Google Chrome

If you are very active on Gmail and need to communicate with people through emails every day, you must have been using certain words or phrases quite frequently. Using the same text over and over could be very annoying at times. Well, you can’t help it either. But thanks to mother technology, there is a set of software that can help you avoid unnecessary typing. Yes, I am talking about text expanders, and this particular post is all about one such tool called Auto Text Expander for Google Chrome, which is available as a Chrome extension.

Using Auto Text Expender, you can easily set up your preferred keyword shortcuts for text snippets you use frequently. If you are already using a desktop app for text expansion, it won’t be much useful for you. But if you are obsessed with your browser and treat it as your primary workspace, Auto Text Expender is one of the few decent Chrome extensions that you’ll love to use.

From personal experience: It’s super-easy to use and ad-free. And for those extra lazy people, you’ll have the utmost satisfaction.

How To Use Auto Text Expander

This particular extension provides you with a customizable list of shortcuts to expand. Once set up, these shortcuts are synced across Chrome browsers you sign into.

If you are done installing Auto Text Expander, here’re the steps to get you started:

1. Click on the (txt) icon that appears on the upper right corner of the browser next to the URL bar.

(You’ll most probably have a few previously-assigned shortcuts for your reference. Of course you can edit them.)

2. Under Shortcuts, click on the Add button to set up new shortcuts.

3. Once you do that, you’ll have an empty slot on top of the already added shortcuts. Now, type in the shortcut, followed by the expanded text (could be a longer paragraph as well) next to it and click on the Save button.

4. Go to your Gmail and compose a new message. Now if you type the shortcut that you’ve set up earlier, the rest of the text will appear automatically.

Dealing With Long Website URLs

You can also avoid typing long website URLs in the address bar if you have Auto Text Expander installed in your Chrome browser.

Just type ate into the URL address bar and press the Tab key to activate it. Now, type the shortcut that you’ve assigned for a given website and press enter. Your desired website will now be loaded.

You can also have a backup of all your shortcuts using the Import/Export section. For more useful tips on how to use Auto Text Expander, check out the description page here.

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