New YouTube Feature: You Can Now Skip Forward And Backward By Double Tapping

YouTube has just rolled out an update to its mobile app that will be a life-changer for avid YouTubers like me. If you want to skip a boring part of a YouTube video on your smartphone, you don’t need to struggle with the video’s slider on the bottom any more. Now you have a much easier workaround, thanks to the update.

The newly released update allows you to rewind or skip forward 10 seconds by double-tapping on the left and right sides of the video player. If you want to have quick replay or want to skip a portion of a video, this new feature is just perfect for that requirement.

I know how annoying it is to fiddle with the slider.

Not just 10 seconds, the feature also lets you skip 20 seconds, 30 seconds or even more, if you continuously tap the right or left edge of the phone’s screen. When I tapped four times it let me skip the video for 20 seconds, and when I tapped it six times, I could skip 30 seconds.

Yes, that sounds really hard to get right. But that’s what the update offers right now. I hope YouTube’s developers will come up with a more user-friendly way to help us with those longer skips.

It looks like some users got to know about this new YouTube feature late last week, check out this Reddit post where users are sharing their experiences. However, the feature is apparently widely available now.

You can download the latest version of the YouTube app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store now.

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