LG Watch Sport, Watch Style Manuals Leaked Showing Off Interesting Features

Those of you, who are familiar with the increasingly popular trend of smartwatches, may already know that LG and Google are preparing to announce a new pair of Android Wear watches this week. While tech enthusiasts are waiting for the two devices – the LG Watch Sport and Watch Style – the user guides for both smartwatches have leaked online, revealing a set of interesting features.

Although details about specs are missing, the guides shared other features like a rotating crown, USB-C charging dock, NFC-enabled payments with the Sport and Google Assistant functionality on both watches. As demonstrated in the guides, all you need to do to access Google Assistant is to say “Ok Google” or press and hold the power button until “Hi, how can I help?” message appears on the screen.

LG Watch Sport
Overview of the LG Watch Sport.

The screenshots reveal that both the LG Watch Sport and Watch Style feature Android Wear 2.0’s new interactive and customizable watch face. However, there are a few notable differences between the two devices.

The Sport comes with two additional buttons that allow you to quickly launch Android Pay and the Fit Workout app. The buttons also let you control volume up or down while making calls.

The LG Watch Sport also features a heart rate sensor, GPS and a barometer while the Watch Style doesn’t have any of these features.

LG Watch Style
Overview of LG Watch Style.

The charging cradle for the Sport can be used a stand where you drop the device in for charging while you need to place the Style on a flat-lying pad for charging. However, both charging cradles feature a USB-C port.

Unlike Style, Sport comes with cellular connectivity. It includes a tool which helps you remove the bottom plate of the watch to replace the SIM card when required.

The only advantage with the Watch Style, as demonstrated in the guides, is the ability to easily change the watch bands. In case of the Watch Sport, swapping out MODE bands won’t be as convenient as it will be on the Style.

Take a look at some of the pages of the leaked guides for the LG Watch Sport and Watch Style below:

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