Google Took Down 1.7 Billion ‘Bad’ Ads In 2016

Google doesn’t like ads that are “bad”. The word “bad” here refers to those ads that are misleading, inappropriate, or harmful. So if you hate (of course you do) those irritating pop-ups that lead to sites showing unrealistic offers or if you sometimes unintentionally end up downloading an app after clicking on an ad, then you will be glad to know that Google killed more than a billion of that kind and won’t spare the rest.

In 2016, Google eliminated as many as 1.7 billion ads that were found to have violated the search giant’s advertising policies. Google claimed that if you spend only a second to take down each of those ads by yourself, it would take you more than 50 years to finish.

Wow! Internet is huge!

Here’re a few pointers that are worth highlighting:

  • Between July and December, Google disabled more than 5 million payday loan ads.
  • Google’s systems detected and disabled 112 million “trick to click” ads in 2016.
  • Google disabled more than 68 million bad ads for pharmaceuticals in 2016.
  • More than 17 million bad ads for illegal gambling-related promotions were taken down in 2016.
  • In 2016, Google took down nearly 80 million bad ads for deceiving, misleading and shocking users.
  • Google’s systems eliminated over 23,000 self-clicking ads on its platforms.
  • In 2016, Google took down almost 7 million ads that attempted to trick its systems.
  • Google took action against 8,000 sites promoting payday loans.

To read a more detailed report from Google, click here.

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